Yes! We’re open. Open science and the future of academic practices in translation and interpreting studies


  • Christian Olalla-Soler MC2Lab, Dipartimento di Interpretazione e Traduzione, Università di Bologna


Open science, academic publishing, translation and interpreting studies, bibliometrics.


This article offers an overview of open science and open-science practices and their applications to translation and interpreting studies (TIS). Publications on open science in different disciplines were reviewed in order to define open science, identify academic publishing practices emerging from the core features of open science, and discuss the limitations of such practices in the humanities and the social sciences. The compiled information was then contextualised within TIS academic publishing practices based on bibliographic and bibliometric data. The results helped to identify what open-science practices have been adopted in TIS, what problems emerge from applying some of these practices, and in what ways such practices could be fostered in our discipline. This article aims to foster a debate on the future of TIS publishing and the role that open science will play in the discipline in the upcoming years.