Translation & Interpreting

Translation & Interpreting is a refereed international journal that seeks to create a cross-fertilization between research, training and professional practice. It aims to publish high quality, research-based, original articles, that highlight the applications of research results to the improvement of T&I training and practice. It welcomes contributions not only from well-known senior scholars, but also from new, young scholars in the field. It is a free on-line journal, hosted by the Western Sydney University’s School of Humanities and Communication Arts, with the objective to be universally accessible to researchers, educators, students and practitioners of interpreting and translation, as well as to others interested in the discipline. Published twice yearly. ISSN 1836-9324

Vol 8, No 1 (2016): Translation & Interpreting

Table of Contents


What does Translation Memory do to translation? The effect of Translation Memory output on specific aspects of the translation process PDF
Benjamin Alun Screen 1-18
Conflict, opacity and mistrust in the digital management of professional translation projects PDF
Elisa Alonso 19-29
Is grit the ‘X-factor’ for interpreters leaving the profession? PDF
Jamie L. McCartney 30-52
The misunderstood concept of translation in tourism promotion PDF
Mohamed Zain Sulaiman 53-68
Relating visual images to subtitle translation in Finding Nemo: A multi-semiotic interplay PDF
Yuping Chen, Wei Wang 69-85
A case study of improving and evaluating consumer survey translation PDF
Mandy Sha, Jennie Lai 86-100
Hybrid modelling of intelligence and linguistic factors as predictors of translation quality PDF
Reza Pishghadam, Shaghayegh Shayesteh, Fatemeh Heidari 101-116
Islamic religious terms in English – translation vs. transliteration in Ezzeddin Ibrahim and Denys Johnson-Davies’ translation of An-Nawawī's Forty Ḥadīths PDF
Sameh Saad Hassan 117-132


Legal interpreting at a turning point PDF
Jim Hlavac 133-142