Translation & Interpreting

Translation & Interpreting is a refereed international journal that seeks to create a cross-fertilization between research, training and professional practice. It aims to publish high quality, research-based, original articles, that highlight the applications of research results to the improvement of T&I training and practice. It welcomes contributions not only from well-known senior scholars, but also from new, young scholars in the field. It is a free on-line journal, hosted by the Western Sydney University’s School of Humanities and Communication Arts, with the objective to be universally accessible to researchers, educators, students and practitioners of interpreting and translation, as well as to others interested in the discipline. Published twice yearly. ISSN 1836-9324

Vol 9, No 1 (2017): Translation & Interpreting

Special issue on research methods in Interpreting Studies

Guest editors: Jemina Napier and Raquel de Pedro Ricoy

Table of Contents


Innovations in interpreting research methods PDF
Raquel de Pedro Ricoy, Jemina Napier 1-3


Note-taking in consecutive interpreting: New data from pen recording PDF
Sijia Chen 4-23
Analyzing personal embodied experiences: Autoethnography, feelings, and fieldwork PDF
Sari Hokkanen 24-35
To interview or not to interview: A critical approach to assessing end-users’ perceptions of the role of 21st century indigenous interpreters in Peru PDF
Raquel de Pedro Ricoy 36-50
Retrospective protocols: Tapping into the minds of interpreting trainees PDF
Marwa Shamy, Raquel de Pedro Ricoy 51-71
Sign language interpreter aptitude: The trials and tribulations of a longitudinal study PDF
Christopher A Stone 72-87
Combining different methods of data collection in public service interpreting doctoral research: examples from the Spanish context PDF
Mireia Vargas-Urpi 88-101
Rebalancing power: Participatory research methods in interpreting studies PDF
Svenja Wurm, Jemina Napier 102-120


Book review: Dictionary of research methodologies in Translation and Interpreting Studies PDF
Andrew Chesterman 121-123