Innovative interpreting: iPad technology as a bridge to interpreting services in a post-secondary setting

Suzanne Ehrlich, Katherine Vance


As the presence of mobile technologies continues to emerge in our everyday lives, so do situations that demand immediate interpreting services in post-secondary settings. Access to interpreting has not always been easy, and with the invention of mobile technologies comes an opportunity to build a largely unprecedented bridge to this service. This study was designed to gain an overview of how users of interpreting services on a daily basis employ technology for accessing education through their use of on-demand interpreting via iPad technology. This paper will highlight the success and challenges of implementing technology in a post-secondary setting. Initial findings outline the complexity of implementing on-demand, remote services in post-secondary settings, and highlight a gap worthy of further exploration to improve interpreting services for deaf and hard of hearing post-secondary students.


iPad, technology, interpreting, disability, access, deaf, post-secondary

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