Free and Open Source Software in language mediator education:The MINTRAD Project


  • Marta Garcia-Gonzalez University of Vigo


, CAT tools, Free and Opens Source Software (FOSS), translation memory (TM), translator training, usability testing


The paper provides a description of the main objectives pursued and results obtained by the “Grupo de Estudos das Tecnoloxías Libres da Tradución (GETLT)”[1] during the implementation of the MINTRAD project focusing on the compilation of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for translators in a comprehensive Linux distribution. First, a brief overview is provided regarding the use of FOSS in Translation Schools and generally among translators. This background section is followed by a detailed description of the different phases of implementation of the MINTRAD project, with particular reference to the results of each phase and to the new paths of study this project has opened in the field of FOSS for translators.

[1] In English “Free Translation Technology Research Team”.