Approaching law in superdiverse, global societies: The challenges of and for legal translation in plural legal orders


  • Rosario Martín Ruano GIR TRADIC (Translation, Ideology, Culture) University of Salamanca, Spain



Legal translation, legal pluralism, globalisation, superdiversity, power


‘Translation’, understood in a broad sense, has been defined as a basic ingredient of globalisation and, more specifically, of the current globalising processes of law. This article reviews contributions that have explored the interconnection of translation and law in various disciplines. Inspired by the call for interdisciplinarity in Legal Translation Studies and for an “outward turn” in Translation Studies, this article will draw on theories of legal pluralism which have used various conceptualisations of translation to offer critical insights into the challenges of and for legal translation as a discipline and a professional practice in the superdiverse societies of the global era. The ultimate aim of this interdisciplinary round trip is to contribute towards increased self-reflexivity in Legal Translation Studies and towards a re-imagining of dominant legal translation practices in line with the growing commitment to diversity in institutional settings.

Author Biography

  • Rosario Martín Ruano, GIR TRADIC (Translation, Ideology, Culture) University of Salamanca, Spain

    M. Rosario Martín Ruano is Associate Professor at the University of Salamanca, Spain, where she is a member of the Research Group on Translation, Ideology and Culture. Her research interests include legal and institutional translation, translation and ideology, and gender and post-colonial approaches to translation. She has published widely on these issues, including a number of books and coedited volumes, as well as chapters and articles in journals such as The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, TTR, JosTRans, Linguistica Antverpiensia, etc. and in books published by Routledge, Multilingual Matters, John Benjamins, St Jerome, etc. She is a member of the editorial board of Perspectives, Estudios de Traducción, Clina and a reviewer for various specialised journals (Target, Meta, JosTRans, Language and Intercultural Communication, MonTI, etc.). She has been a practising translator since 1997.