A pre-translation framework for public service translation: A sociological approach to enhance translation effectiveness


  • Elena Ruiz-Cortés University of Granada


Public service translation, effectiveness, pre-translation framework, immigration procedures, Spain.


In this paper a pre-translation framework developed for public service translation is presented. The framework was developed from a sociological standpoint “whereby translation practice can be viewed in relation to people and institutions involved in it or affected by it” (Taibi & Ozolins, 2016, pp. 63-64) with the aim to provide contextualization and understanding that precedes the actual translation stage. After outlining the framework, its usefulness in obtaining key pre-translation information is showcased through an application form in the Spanish immigration context, i.e. an authentic public service text. Lastly, the paper shows how the information gathered based on the framework will assist in proposing an effective English translation of this application form in the future.




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