Francesco Straniero, S. & C. Falbo (Eds.) (2012) Breaking Ground in Corpus-based Interpreting Studies

Fang Tang


Mona Baker’s seminal article “Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies — Implications and Applications” (1993) has been widely recognized as the manifesto kicking off Corpus-based Translation Studies (CTS). Since then, the methodology supporting the development of Corpus Linguistics has been applied frequently to Translation Studies (TS). It has even set off, in Laviosa’s words, a “corpus linguistics turn in TS” (Laviosa 2004: 29). This paradigm shift echoes with Toury’s target-text-oriented perspective in facilitating the search for “the nature of translated texts as mediated communicative events” (Baker 1993: 263).


corpus-based interpreting studies; corpus-based translation studies; interpreting studies

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